- Every child. Every parent. Every day.

SLPS has been partnering with for over 3 years now because we firmly believe that they are right in saying "When every child is read aloud to for 15 MINUTES every day from birth, it will change the face of education in this nation." Head on over to their site and check out all of their resources and consider how you can support this great campaign. 

Just as the ADA and Procter & Gamble made daily tooth brushing the norm with their “Look Mom, no cavities” campaign in the 1950s; just as the federal government declared war on smoking in 1973 and drastically diminished smokers’ ranks; just as Mothers Against Drunk Driving made “One for the Road” taboo; just as the Komen Foundation made the pink ribbon ubiquitous and breast cancer research a priority; so too can we turn daily reading aloud for 15 minutes from a recommendation into a parenting “must.”

Carla Brown